Farm Tractor Tug-Pull Rules

Chairman Dean Throckmorton
Thursday 9:00am
*No Alcoholic beverages permitted on the grounds

(Classes A-H)

All tractors left overnight must be parked against the fence.  No tractors, trucks or trailers may park in the campground unit.  Violators subject to towing.


Open to anyone who is capable of driving a tractor and who abides by the following rules:


1.  Only farm tractors on rubber are eligible.  No caterpillar tractors, four wheel drive tractors, home made tractors, steel wheel or dual wheels may be used.  No cut tires are allowed.

2.  Distance of the pull will be 15 feet at one hitching.  Start to be made with a tight chain and no jerking start.  Length of chain to be at least four feet minimum.

3.  Contestants will be given two trials to move any load the given distance. Driver must remain in seat while pull is being made.  Contestants may choose either end of sled for second trial providing boundary permits.

4.  Only the driver shall be allowed on the tractor while trial is being made. Tractor must be under control at all times.  No tractor may be operated by more than one person.

5.  Each contestant must hitch to a mechanical secured drawbar in all directions. Height of point of pulling draft may not be over 18 inches.

6.  Each entrant must furnish his own clevis.  Clevis must be a bolted clevis.

7.  Axle hitching will not be allowed.

8.  Use of fluid in tires is permitted.  All weights added must be regulation manufactured equipment, or its equivalent wheel and frame weights, and properly secured.  Weights may be moved after first pull for safety reasons under supervision of committee member.


Class A – Up to 2000 lbs.
Class B – Up to 2800 lbs.
Class C – Up to 3800 lbs.
Class D – Up to 5100 lbs.
Class E – Up to 7200 lbs.
Class F – Up to 9000 lbs. (No larger than 18.4 tires)
Class G – Up to 12,000 lbs. (No larger than 20.8 tires)
Class H – 14,500 lbs. (20.8 tires)

10.  No guides or helpers, while pull is being made.

11.  Boundaries will be plainly marked and tractor must stay within these limits while trial is being made.  Failure to do so will nullify the trial.

12.  The committee shall have full power to decide any questions arising in connection with the contest subject to the rules and administration as provided in any event not covered by the rules, the committee shall have full power to decide in a manner that is fairest to the majority.

13.  Failure to comply promptly with the direction of the flagman shall result in immediate disqualification of the contestant.  In such cases, entrance fee will not be refunded.

14.  Only authorized persons, judges and linemen are allowed in the pulling area.

15.  Weights can extend no more than 24″ past the hitch point.

16.  Weights are to be attached to the tractor where they will not be harmful or injurious to the hitcher.  The hitcher may so declare and refuse to hitch.

17.  Modified models will not be allowed.

18.  No weight or weight brackets shall be moved while hooked to the sled.

19.  In the event of a tie, the puller will get one try to move sled at his choice of end.

20.  When it is your turn to pull you will have one minute to hook to sled.

1st – $25 & trophy
2nd – $20 & rosette
3rd – $15 & rosette
4th – $10 & rosette