Jr. Department No. 32 – Junior Horse and Pony


Co-Chairmen: Joe Fiore & Pat Smith
Ownership/Possession Date: May 1

Monday – 9 am
Tuesday – 9 am
Wednesday – 9 am
Thursday – 5 pm.


  1. Horses/Ponies must be in the exhibitor’s possession and under their care on or before May 1, with required identification forms submitted to the Extension Office by May 1.  Leasing is permitted with the required paperwork submitted to the Extension Office by May 1.

  2. If an exhibitor has a Production animal as a second project, AND if sufficient stall space is not available, the Production animal may be brought to the fairgrounds on show day and returned home after the show.

  3. All horse/pony exhibitors (both 4-H & FFA) must attend at least 3 of their required meetings on horseback with an identified 4-H Horse Club.

  4. All horses/ponies must have received a ‘5-way’ vaccine (Equine Influenza, Equine Rhinopneumonitis [Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 & 2], Equine Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, and Tetnanus Toxoid) and submit paperwork accordingly no later than June 30th of current fair year to the Senior Fair Board Office.  Horse projects without vaccine documentation risk being denied the right to show.

  5. Horses are over 58″ in height.  Ponies are 58″ in height or less.  If project animal is barefoot or shod at the time of measuring, that is how they must be show in PAS and at fair.

  6. January 1 of current year will be used to determine the age of the exhibitor for class determination.

  7. All Junior Fair exhibitors of horse/pony will receive ONE grade and premium.  A second grade/premium will be awarded if the exhibitor has a Production animal.

  8. Horses/ponies MUST BE IN PLACE by 10 pm Sunday.  Horses/ponies are dismissed Friday from 9 am – 4 pm. *The only horse remaining should be the representative for the Showman of Showmen contest.

  9. All exhibitors must follow the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows regarding safety helmets.  Exhibitor MUST wear an approved helmet at ALL TIMES while riding or driving a horse/pony.

  10. Horses/ponies know to kick should have a Red Ribbon tied to tail, serving as a warning to other exhibitors.

  11. The use of hoof polish, mane and tail extenders is permitted. Horse exhibitors are exempt from rules 2 and 3 under tampering.

  12. On a one-year trial basis, the following opportunity will be given to Jr. Fair horse exhibitors: A youth exhibitor can exhibit a miniature horse in addition to their pleasure horse/pony following the guidelines listed here.

-1-  The miniature horse is not enrolled as a 2nd project horse (meaning no premiums are awarded), but must be identified by the Mays 1st deadline.

-2-  The miniature horse may be shown in the appropriate classes on Monday of fair week, and may be hauled in/out that day unless stalling space is available for the week.

-3-  No exhibitor may show 2 animals in the same class, nor may placings with the miniature horse (if secondary animal) count towards high point scoring.

-4-  ALL class entries, for both animals, must be made on the exhibitor’s fair entry form no later than July 1st.

*As a general reminder, only one animal may be entered/qualify at a PAS show for Ohio State Fair exhibition.


  1. When a 4-H club is assigned stalls in a barn, they must stay in those assigned areas.  All stalls in the barns MUST be used.

  2. Exhibitors are NOT permitted to spend the night in the horse barns/tents.

  3. Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning out his/her stall (barns or tents) no later than 4 pm Saturday.  Failure to do so will result in the exhibitor being ineligible to exhibit the following year.

  4. An adult or advisor must be present at all times the exhibitor is in the Arena.  No practicing in the Arena from midnight to 6 am.  Fair week Arena practice schedule will be posted, and should be adhered to.

  5. No bareback riding in OR outside of Arena.

  6. No freely running animals are allowed in the Arena or the Round Pen.  Gates must be closed when animals are present.

  7. Other than during show hours, animals must be led to/from the Arena and Round Pen.  Mounting and dismounting must be done inside Arena.

  8. On show days, the only exhibitors in Round Pen should be those ‘on deck’ for upcoming class. ‘Assistants’ are only allowed in Round Pen to lead animal and rider to Arena.


  1. Show rules are based on the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows, unless specified by county rules and regulations.

  2. High Point Awards will be given for each discipline (Western, English, Contest), as well at Walk/Trot and Overall.  All classes for a discipline are included in the High Point score.  Tie Breaker for each discipline will be as follows: Western – new Horsemanship Pattern, English – new Equitation pattern, Contest – timed Down & Back, Overall – new Showmanship pattern.  Walk/Trot scoring includes 1 showmanship class, 1 roping class, trail in-hand, and all walk/trot classes.

  3. Exhibitors will be given a 2-minute warning for a class, and will be scratched if not arriving by that time.  Exhibitors should let the judge know if they require a tack change between classes.

  4. Novice Showmanship is for FIRST YEAR exhibitors only.  Exhibitors can be any age.  If participating in this class, cannot participate in any other Western Showmanship class.

  5. Only the Junior Fair exhibitor is allowed on their project animal on day of show.  ONLY the exhibitor can ride a State Fair Qualified horse between PAS and the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show.

  6. Exhibitors in Production classes must be at 13 years of age as of January 1 of the current year.  Horse must be purchased, raised and trained as outlined in the Ohio 4-H Horse Program Production Rules.

  7. Exhibitors in BEGINNER Western Reining will use Pattern A. Participants can ride in BEGINNER for maximum of two years.

  8. Exhibitors can show in Walk-Trot classes for their first two years of exhibition (accommodations will be made for your with special needs), and may show Western or English.  Walk-Trot exhibitors cannot participate in ANY three-gaited classes, and may ONLY participate in Walk-Trot gymkhana classes.  If gait is broken twice in these classes, result is DQ.

  9. In-Hand Trail is not considered a three-gaited class.

  10. Exhibitors in Trail may choose to ride English or Western, with points being awarded accordingly.  Animals may ONLY be in one of the following: Trail OR In-Hand Trail.

  11. Exhibitors wishing to enter in jumping classes must have previously been evaluated and deemed eligible by a judge.

  12. Flag Racing Class – no pick, no stick, no time.

  13. Exhibitors may participate in the Western Riding class without achieving the 80% Pattern Class score as recommended in the Uniform Rules Book.

  14. Trophies are provided by the Senior Fair Board for first place winners in State Fair Eligible Classes.  Rosettes to first five places in each class, unless stated otherwise.

  15. Exhibitors must qualify to participate in Versatility, and cannot enter the class until fair week once qualifications have been met. Exhibitors must have at least two prior years of experience, place in a showmanship class AND a horsemanship/equitation class; further qualifications can be obtained from a horse advisor.

  16. Participation in a showmanship class is mandatory for exhibitor’s first two (2) years of showing at the Perry County Fair. (Accommodations will be made for youth with special needs.)

  17. Grand Champion Showmanship class consists of 7 exhibitors max. – 1st place in 4 Western Showmanship classes and 2 English Showmanship classes.  Winner of this class will represent equine in the Showman of Showman contest on Friday evening.


Class 1: In-Hand Trail

Class 2: Trail, 14-18

Class 3: Trail, 9-13

Class 4: Driven Trail

Class 5: Driven Reinsmanship

Class 6: Open Driving

Class 7: Ground Roping

Class 8: Hunter Hack

Class 9: Working Hunter Over Fences

Class 10: Equitation Over Fences

Class 11: Mini Horse/Pony Showmanship

Class 12: Small Equine Hunter-in-Hand

Class 13: Small Equine Jumper


Class 14: Western Horse Showmanship, 14-18

Class 15: Western Horse Showmanship, 9-13

Class 16: Western Pony Showmanship, 14-18

Class 17: Western Pony Showmanship, 9-13

Class 18: Novice Showmanship (1st Year, W or E)

Class 19: Western Horsemanship, 14-18

Class 20: Western Horsemanship, 9-13

Class 21: Pony Western Horsemanship, 14-18

Class 22: Pony Western Horsemanship, 9-13

Class 23: Walk/Trot Horsemanship

Class 24: Western Horse Pleasure, 14-18

Class 25: Western Horse Pleasure, 9-13

Class 26: Western Pony Pleasure, all ages

Class 27: Walk/Trot Pleasure

Class 28: Ranch Pleasure, 14-18

Class 29: Ranch Pleasure, 9-13

Class 30: Beginner Western Riding (Pattern A)

Class 31: Advanced Western Riding (Pattern B)

Class 32: Ranch Riding

Class 33: Beginner Reining (Pattern A)

Class 34: Advanced Reining (Pattern C)


Class 35: English Showmanship, 14-18

Class 36: English Showmanship, 9-13

Class 37: Draft Showmanship

Class 38: Grand Champion Showmanship

Class 39: English Equitation, 14-18

Class 40: English Equitation, 9-13

Class 41: Easy Gaited Equitation (W or E)

Class 42: Easy Gaited Pleasure (W or E)

Class 43: Horse English Pleasure Hunt & Saddle Type, 14-18

Class 44: Horse English Pleasure Hunt & Saddle Type, 9-13

Class 45: Pony English Pleasure Hunt & Saddle Type

Class 46: Versatility

Class 47: Walk-Trot Barrel Racing

Class 48: Walk-Trot Pole Bending

Class 49: Walk-Trot Stakes Race

Class 50: Walk-Trot Keyhole

Class 51: Horse Flag Racing

Class 52: Pony Flag Racing

Class 53: Horse Texas Keyhole

Class 54: Pony Texas Keyhole

Class 55: Horse Cones & Barrels

Class 56: Pony Cones & Barrels

Class 57: Horse Speed & Control

Class 58: Pony Speed & Control


Class 59: Horse Barrel Racing, 14-18

Class 60: Horse Barrel Racing, 9-13

Class 61: Pony Barrel Racing, 14-18

Class 62: Pony Barrel Racing, 9-13

Class 63: Horse Pole Bending, 14-18

Class 64: Horse Pole Bending, 9-13

Class 65: Pony Pole Bending, 14-18

Class 66: Pony Pole Bending, 9-13

Class 67: Horse Stakes Race, 14-18

Class 68: Horse Stakes Race, 9-13

Class 69: Pony Stakes Race, 14-18

Class 70: Pony Stakes Race, 9-13

Class 71: Horse Keyhole, 14-18

Class 72: Horse Keyhole, 9-13

Class 73: Pony Keyhole, 14-18

Class 74: Pony Keyhole, 9-13

Class 75: Horse Down & Back

Class 76: Pony Down & Back