Jr. Department No. 33 through Department No. 37

Chairman Jessica Rockey
Judging: Friday 8:00 pm


1.  Participants will be the Senior Champions of the Junior showmanship classes as listed:

  • Champion Senior Beef Showman

  • Champion Senior Dairy Showman

  • Champion Senior Dairy Feeder Showman

  • Champion Senior Swine Showman

  • Champion Senior Sheep Showman

  • Grand Champion Senior Horse Showman

  • Champion Senior Meat Goat Showman

  • Champion Senior Dairy/Specialty Got Showman

  • Champion Senior Poultry Showman

  • Champion Senior Rabbit Showman

2.  Participants must use the animal they used in their individual showmanship classes.

3.  Judging will be based on rules as set up under the Junior Showmanship Department.

4.  Contest:  There will be nine judges, one for each of Swine, Beef, Dairy, Dairy Feeder, Goat, Sheep, Horses, Poultry and Rabbits.  Each contestant will show his or her animal first then on signal will move to the next animal, etc. until he or she has shown each animal.  The time for showing each animal will be no longer than five minutes.

5.  Members representing more than one species as senior champions must declare their preference before participating. Second place exhibitor in remaining species will be eligible to participate.

6.  Repeating horse representative from the previous year cannot participate, horse representative will be the second place recipient.

7.  Premiums: Grand Champion, Trophy and Blue Rosette; 2nd through 9th places to receive Rosettes.

Co-Chairmen John Poorman, Ted Wiseman and Adam Finck
Friday 4:00 pm, Coliseum


1.  All bona fide members of any youth organization are eligible to participate.

2.  Teams of up to four members may be entered, with the highest three scores making up the team.  All will be eligible for individual awards.

3.  Members may also enter as individuals, and are encouraged to do so.

4.  Participants may be required to place up to six rings of livestock; Beef, Sheep and Swine.  Both breeding and market rings may be used.

5.  4-H members who have passed their 14th birthday and have not passed their 19th birthday on January 1 of the current year will be eligible to represent Perry County at the Ohio State Fair Senior Judging contest in August.  4-H members under 14 are eligible for the Junior Contest.

Co-Chairmen Danny Fisher and Adam Finck
Judging: Sunday, Noon – 3:00 pm


1.  All crops exhibited must be from a bona fide project of the exhibitor for the current year.

2.  All crops exhibited must be accompanied with a tag indicating crop variety.

3.  Interview Judging will be done with project, Sunday, based upon the exhibitor’s last name:

  • A-I ~ Noon – 1:00 pm

  • J-R ~ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

  • S-Z ~ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

4.  Exhibits must be properly displayed according to regulations or no ribbon or premium will be given.

5.  All exhibits must be displayed in or on the type of container specified.  The container must be furnished by the exhibitor, except for paper plates for vegetables that will be furnished by the fair board.

6.  Crops will be judged on uniformity, size, shape, color and freedom from blemishes.

7.  Each exhibitor is limited to one entry per class.

8.  Each exhibitor must register at the H-Building before placing exhibit.

9.  Refer to rules, regulations and policies at the beginning of the Jr. Fair Division.

10.  Any exhibit displaying less than the required amount will be disqualified.

11.  Winners of Classes 1-6 are eligible for the Best Crop Display, Winners of Classes 15 & 16 are eligible for Best Flower Display, and Winners of Classes 17 & 18 are eligible for Best Vegetable Display.  Classes 15-18 will also receive 1st – 3rd placings.


Class 1: Field Corn – 5 stalks, must have roots and be placed in a bucket of moist soil (FFA ONLY)
Class 2: Soybeans – 5 plants, must have roots and be placed in a bucket of moist soil (FFA ONLY)
Class 3: Wheat – 1 gallon (FFA ONLY)
Class 4: Oats – 1 gallon (FFA ONLY)
Class 5: Barley – 1 gallon (FFA ONLY)
Class 6: Mixed Legume Hay – 10 lbs. tied (FFA ONLY)
Class 7:  Trees – 1st planting of 3 trees (FFA ONLY)
Class 8: Sweet Corn – 6 ears
Class 9: Potatoes – plate of 5
Class 10: Tomatoes – plate of 5
Class 11: Strawberries – 1 plant
Class 12: Vine Crops – 1 melon, 1 squash, or 2 cucumbers
Class 13: Grapes – display poster-scale model of trellis OR tools used for project
Class 14:  Vegetables – 1 plate of the require amount from 3 of the following 4 groups:

  • 1. Root Crops (3) – carrots, beets, potatoes, or dry onions

  • 2. Pod Crops (10) – green beans, lima beans, or peas

  • 3. Other Crops (1) – head of cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, or squash

  • 4. Other Crops (3) – ears sweet corn, tomatoes, or peppers

Class 15: Cut Flower Garden Display – an artistic arrangement of at least 5, but not more than 10 blooms EACH from at least 3 different kinds of flowers.  Use only flowers and foliage from the exhibitor’s project, and display in a suitable container.  No ribbons permitted.
Class 16:  Container/Potted Flower Garden Display – a display of at least 3, but not more than 5 kinds of flowers/houseplants in an appropriate pot/container. Maximum space allowed for display is 18-inch square.
Class 17:  Sweepstakes Junior (ages 8-13) – exhibitor is allotted 1-square yard of space for best arranged display of fresh garden vegetables, must display at least 4 different types of vegetables.
Class 18: Sweepstakes Senior (ages 14-18) – exhibitor is allotted 1-square yard of space for best arranged display of fresh garden vegetables, must display at least 5 different types of vegetables.

Class 19: Industrial & Manual Arts – (A) Metal and (B) Wood
Class 20: Mechanical Drawing
Class 21: Conservation
Class 22: Arts & Crafts
Class 23:  Other Individual School Projects

Chairman Adam Finck
Judging: Sunday 2:00 pm

Class 1: Arc Welding Panel
Class 2: Oxy-Acetylene Panel
Class 3: MIG/TIG Welding Panel
Class 4: Demonstration Panel
Class 5: Farm Wood Project (small – less than 5 cu. ft.)
Class 6: Farm Wood Project (large – more than 5 cu. ft.)
Class 7: Farm Metal Project (large – more than 5 cu. ft.)
Class 8: Farm Metal Project (small – less than 5 cu. ft.)

Co-Chairmen Jessica Rockey and Peg Snider
Judging: Monday


1.  Booths are four feet deep and various widths and have eight feet height background of plywood.

2.  Sides or partitions of booths are plywood and exhibits may be stapled or thumb tacked in place.

3.  Exhibits must be in place by 10:00 pm on Sunday and cannot be removed until 11:00 am Sunday following fair.


1.  Open to any recognized youth organization in Perry County (FFA, FHA, Scouts and Churches).

2.  Any youth organization group (except 4-H) who participates with a booth display and completes and official entry form will be awarded an “A” premium.

Premiums ~ “A” Ribbon and $15.


1.  All 4-H projects must be in place by 8:00 pm Sunday before begins.

2.  Project Cards must be displayed with the 4-H project, identifying exhibitor and project title.

3.  4-H projects must be visible for the general public to see.

4.  Open to Perry County 4-H clubs for exhibiting, individual 4-H projects by club members (does not include agronomy, horticulture, floriculture , or livestock projects).  A display for each completed/judged 4-H project must be included.

5. Advisor must request booth with regular fair entries.  Requests will be accommodated as best possible.

6. All booths will be graded by a committee of 4-H Advisors based on:

“A” – Meets all requirements as stated under rules 1-4 above.

“B” – Not all projects are properly displayed.

“C” – Fails to meet all the requirements.

7. Premium will be paid to the club based on booth grade:

~ “A” – $15; “B” – $10; “C” – $5

8.  Additionally, all 4-H clubs with booths will be evaluated by an outside party who will award five (5) clubs with an “Outstanding 4-H Club Booth” rosette.  Clubs may keep the rosette at the end of fair week.