Jr. Department No. 42 Fine Art

Chairman Peg Snider

All projects are to be picked up between 10 am – 2 pm Sunday after the fair.

The Junior Fair Art Show is open to any school student in Perry County who is currently taking or has completed an art class in the past year.  No entry previously exhibited is eligible.  The entry MUST be the work of the exhibitor and MUST have been completed with the past year.  The entries MUST be properly framed, matted or mounted, and ready to hang on peg board hooks. Accepted entries will be judged on Monday and will be released on Sunday between noon – 6 pm.  All entries must be submitted to the fairgrounds Homemaking building on the Saturday before the fair opens, from noon to 6 pm and a note from the student’s art teacher to show that they took art.  The exhibitor must purchase a Junior Fair Exhibitor’s armband for $1, which can also be used at the gates for admission.  No more than 3 entries will be permitted per student.  Each class (1-14) will be divided into a Junior Class (Grades 6, 7, & 8) and a Senior Class (Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12).

Class 1: Oil Painting

Class 2: Acrylic Painting

Class 3: Tempera Painting

Class 4: Watercolor Painting

Class 5: Montage Painting

Class 6: Pencil Drawing

Class 7: Charcoal Drawing

Class 8: Pen and Ink Drawing

Class 9: Pastel/Chalk Drawing

Class 10: Crayon Drawing

Class 11: Montage Drawing

Class 12: Miscellaneous

Class 13: Magic Marker

Class 14: Colored Pencil

Class 15: Clay or Pottery

Class 16: Paper Mache

Premiums paid to exhibitor; 1st – $3~2nd – $2~3rd – $1