Junior Fair Agronomy, Horticulture, Floriculture & Forestry Division Rules


1. All exhibits must be a bona fide project of the exhibitor for the current year.

2. All exhibits must be registered with the department chairman and accompanied with a tag indicating the crop variety, department number and class number.  This must be done before placing the exhibit on display.

3. All exhibits must be displayed in or on the type of container specified.  The container must be furnished by the exhibitor except for paper plates for vegetables, which will be furnished by the fair board.

4. To properly evaluate vegetables, crops, etc., as to their worth, it is necessary to set a standard of excellence.  This standard is prepared by experts who describe the characteristics of the ideal or top quality crop of each type. Crops and plants are compared to these standards, or ideals.  Those exhibits most nearly resembling the ideal are awarded top prizes while those less like the standard top prizes while those less like the standard are rated lower, and possibly disqualified.  Those characteristics to be considered in grading exhibits in this department are:

  • Size of specimens;

  • Freedom from blemishes and defects of specimens;

  • Stage of maturity of specimens;

  • Color of specimens;

  • Arrangement of specimens in the container;

  • Proper number or quantities on display

5. Each exhibitor is limited to one entry per class.  Display cards must be properly filled out.  Interview judging will be done with projects on Sunday before the start of the fair.  See department for schedule.

Exhibits must remain in place until Noon Sunday.

6. Interview judging will be done with projects on Sunday (before the start of the fair).  See Department for schedule.

7. Exhibitors will be allowed only enough exhibit space to satisfy the needs for the entry made on or before the deadline for making entries.