Truck & Tractor Transfer Pull Rules

Co-Chairmen – Danny Fisher & John Russell
Committee: Richie Boring & Megan Fisher

Saturday 6:00 pm

Pull Order

  1. 6200 lb. Light Pro Gas (COTPC)

  2. 7800 lb. Light Pro Stock Diesel (2.6) (COTPC)

  3. 6350 lb. Modified (COTPC)

  4. 8000 lb. Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck (3.0) (COTPC)

  5. 6000 lb. V8 Tractor

  6. 9000 lb. Limited Light Pro Stock Tractors

  7. 12,500 lb. 3,000 RPM Tractor

  8. 8000 lb. Work Stock Diesel Truck

  9. 12,500 lb. Fram Tractor 8MPH Speed Limit

6200 lb. Light Pro Gas - $300, $250, $175, $100, $75, $50

7800 lb. Light Pro Stock Diesel 2.5 - $300, $250, $175, $100, $75, $50

6350 lb. Modified - $400, $300, $200, $100, $75, $50

8000 lb. Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck (3.0) - $300, $250, $175, $100, $75, $50

6000 lb. V8 Tractor - $250, $200, $150, $100, $50

9000 Limited Light Pro Stock Tractors - $450, $350, $250, $200, $150

12500 lb. 3000 RPM Tractor - $300, $250, $200, $100, $50

8000 lb. Work Stock Diesel Truck - $250, $200, $150, $100, $50

12500 lb. 8MPH Farm Tractor - $125, $100, $75, $50, $25


General Rules:

Entrant under age 18 years of age must have written permission from parent or guardian.

No Alcoholic beverages on fairgrounds.

Pull is ended when engine stalls, when forward motion stops, or if you lose any weights, fluids, or tires.

One driver per truck or tractor per class.

Hitch hole must be at least 3 1/2 inch x 3 inch.

All weights must be securely fastened. Anything lost on track while hooked to the sled will result in a disqualification.

Drawbars must be stationary in all directions while pulling

Minimum of 5 pullers in class to pay first class money. If less first place money is dropped and second place if paid instead.


Any vehicle can be inspected at any time

No pressurized fuel unless factory equipped

Any rule not covered above will be decided as needed by members of the rues committee

All judges and pull committee decisions are final

Class Rules
Please visit COTPC.com for classes’ 1-4 rules

6000 lb. V8 Tractors:  18-inch draw bar. Single naturally aspirated V8 engine with single carburetor, maximum tire size 18.4x38, kill switch, helmet, seat belt, and wheelie bars required. Roll cage, fly wheel and driveshaft covers, wide front axels, and fire suit strongly suggested.

9000 lb. Limited Light Pro Stock Tractor: Must have helmet, fire suit, roll cage, wheelie bars, kill switch, must have scatter blanket. Single turbo charger diesel only tractor class, 20″ drawbar, 24.5 x 32 tires, water injection and/or intercoolers allowed, no component chassis, engine heads must be OEM agricultural-type for brand (no billet) no overhead cams, “p” pump 3000 or 7100 series only (only one plunger per cylinder).

12500 lb. 3,000 RPM Tractor: Must have working RPM sensor one wire outside of the frame. Must have SFI scatter blanket.  20.8 tire size limit, no cut or altered tires, air shutoff for sled operator, one piece steel hitch 1 inch thick minimum 20 inch high height, must have wide front end, two 3/8 inch cross bolts in exhaust pipe, no pressurized fuels, any other safety equipment is recommended, cylinder block and head for tractor manufacture (JD-JD IH-IH etc.)

8000 lb. Work Stock Diesel Truck: Will Follow NADM Rules

12,500 lb. Farm Stock Tractor (8MPH Speed Limit): Maximum drawbar height 20” and 18” from center of axel minimum, no side shields unless factory equipped, no more than 3000 RPM, no cut or altered tires, 20.8x38 tire size limit, weights must not interfere with hitch point.